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Welcome to New Creation Health Unlimited, a website designed and dedicated to
Christians learn how to be more and more free from various pains they may
be experiencing, in the
areas of physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Also available
Christian Music CDs, Inspirational Poems by Teresa Allan, and an Introduction
to the
Amazing QChord, which is an incredible instrument that anyone can play.

Teresa Allan
Co-founder of New Creation Health Unlimited

God Has a Desire to Transform the Whole You!

To transform means to "change the condition, the character of or function of", and here
at New Creation Health Unlimited, which is a Bible based website, we will be addressing
the Truths of God and what He says in His Word, that when applied to a person's life,
the benefits one can reap will be unlimited in the way of health, whether it be emotional,
physical or spiritual health. In 3 John, verse 2, God says to His children, "Beloved, I wish
above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul
prospereth", and at the same time He says in Galatians 6:7 that we are not to be deceived, and
that He (God) will not be mocked, "for as a man soweth, so shall he reap".  The correlation and
concept of these two Biblical truths are the basis and foundation for this website.  In other
words, we live in a cause and effect universe, so for every cause (what we sow) there is an effect
(what we reap).  And when we sow unto righteousness, unto what is pleasing in God's sight, we will
  reap blessings, that bring us peace, joy, and fulfillment not only in this life, but also in the life to come. 

But when we sow unto unrighteousness, and willingly do what we know to be unpleasing in God's sight,
the result is usually painful consequences.  This can be in the form of emotional, physical or spiritual
disease (dis-ease).  But we have a gracious God that allowed His Son, Jesus Christ, to take
on Himself all of our diseases and our sicknesses by the shedding of His Blood and His
death at Calvary...and this, so that we could walk in newness of life in every area of life, so
  that we would not only be transformed into new creatures in Christ, but also that we would
be able to become overcomers in this life, through faith in Him and all of God promises. 
Now, we either believe this or not, and the extent of how much we believe in this,
will be the extent of how much we are able to live a victorious and healthy life.

God Desires to Transform our Way of Thinking...

God desires to transform our minds, from that of our old man (our fallen sin nature), to the
now new man in Christ (our new creation nature).  And the only way to do this is to align our
minds with His Word.  "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what
is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" (Romans 12:2).  After being programmed all
of our lives with the lies of the enemy, prior to our being "born again", we must now take on the
mind of Christ in order to come against Satan and all his wicked schemes, for he comes only to
rob, kill and destroy.  But if we stand on God's Word, believing in His truths, we will not fall sway
to being deceived any longer.  Therefore we can experience deliverance in every area of our lives
and therefore be able to live the so glorious and abundant life promised to us in Jesus Christ.

Another word for transform is "metamorphose", and another word for repent is "metanoia" or "change
your mind".  Both of these words are asking us to turn away from and begin thinking unto how God wants
us to think about Him, and about ourselves, and what He says about who we are now, in Christ.  So through
this website we will be addressing some areas of ill health, ill thinking, and ill believing, so that hopefully
you will be able to rise above and soar unto new heights as a believer. This will entail you making more
conscious choices in your life...choices that will allow you to reap abundantly far beyond your wildest
imagination, for truly nothing is impossible with God and nothing but good comes from His Hand.  

  So if you are experiencing pain on any level,
it is our prayer that we may be able to help you to see,
deal with Biblically, and treat the causes, and not the symptoms, 
for God promises to deliver us out of all our troubles and fears,
which includes a lot of the problems we may be having with pain.

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New Creation Health Unlimited
A hallmark presentation, "Because He cares enough to send His very best."
Through this website, New Creation Health Unlimited is dedicated to both young and old in their pursuit
God and His promises to us, His children, to be well, to be healed, and to be free indeed.  But we all
have a integral
part in walking out and receiving His promises. So this website addresses our involvement
 in making right (conscious) choices, Godly choices,
for we are all personally accountable in so many
ways for much of the pain we may
be experiencing on a daily basis.  Therefore, we feel this website may
serve to be very
informative and necessary for Christians of all ages, in all areas of life, for it looks at, in a
no-nonsense way,
some of the symptoms/causes of our pain, and how each of us may unknowingly be
contributing overwhelmingly to the amount of  pain that we may be experiencing on various levels.

Thank you for delving deeper into our web site...
...the purpose of which is to relate various truths as to God's way of, again, helping His people get more and more out of pain. The basic premise
of this sharing is that each of us are creators by virtue of the fact that we have, in Christ, been given a free will, and therefore, the ability to choose. 
What we experience in our Christian walk, for the most part, is based on choices we have made sometime prior to our experiences.  And because
most of us have poor memories, we often forget our past choices that, in the now, have risen up and become our experience.  “We all reap what we
have sown”, is more true than most of us wish to consider.

Pain, in any area of our lives, is an alarm system announcing that something is wrong.  The multi-billion health industry has a host of techniques
designed to shut down one's alarm system, and therefore can be as counter-productive as pulling the plug on your home security system once
 it goes off.  Shutting down an alarm system, once it does what it's designed to do, serves to have a person turn a blind eye to what caused the
alarm to activate in the first place. So in other words, pain is the noise of our body's alarm system announcing that we may need to "wake up"
and take notice.  It is a symptom that has a cause.

In order to deal with pain properly, the focus must be less on the symptom, and more on the cause...

As we have stated many times when sharing with others, when we experience pain in a particular area of our life, it more than often is a negative
consequence that can be traced back to a past negative choice, or cause.  All choices, sooner or later, show up as symptomatic pain.  Everything
we think, do or say is a seed sown, or a sequence.  And every seed sown has a reaping, or a consequence.  Most are not aware that because of
this immutable law of "reaping what is sown", each of us, for the most part, may be personally accountable for what we are experiencing in our lives.
 In this sense, we are all creators of most of our pain.  In other words, in the case of pain, 'The enemy has been sighted, and it's me'!". The "me" in all
this is, again, us using our free will to choose. 

As a balance to the premise about self-created pain, it must be taken into account that at times we are, in fact, victims of choices made by others and,
therefore, are not as accountable for the resultant pain we are experiencing.  Differentiating between these two possibilities is the necessary first step in
any pain relief endeavor. But the main thrust of this website is to speak only to "self-created pain", based on negative choices we have made in the past. 
Once again, the first step in our pain relief program must always be to consider, the old axiom,"The enemy has been sighted, and it’s ME!".  We have found
that most of the time, people's pain stems from their being victims of their own bad choices, rather than victims of the choices made by others. 

But regardless of whether our pain is "self created" or if we are a "victim", the fact still remains that God is in control and that He is allowing all our
experiences, which are designed to be used in order to shape us, His children, more into the image of Christ.  It is also important that we need to have
the discernment of whether or not the pain we are experiencing is self-created or simply an attack from the enemy.  So once recognized, we will be
able to deal properly/Biblically with our pain.  But most importantly, and above all, we need to be reminded that irregardless of the pain allowed by
God in our lives, our attitude while working through our pain, needs to remain that of gratefulness and praise unto God, for only He knows the full picture
and knows the beginning and the end, and how any pain that we experience, if dealt with properly, can be used for His Glory!

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New Creation Health Unlimited
P.O. Box 107
Brevard, NC 28712
E-mail:  sowandreap@juno.com

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